Sunday, 15 April 2018

12 hours in Bournemouth!

Hello My Lovelies

Over Easter weekend my boyfriend and I popped over from the Isle of Wight to Bournemouth for 12 hours of fun. Read on to see what we got up to on our day out!

First stop was to the shops, hell I need my Primark fix after being deprived since November!! Sadly I didn't buy a huge amount but my boyfriend was the one who was lucky enough to buy some great summer bits and bobs. We then popped to Debenhams as Urban Decay were having a 15% off weekend and I was able to pick up a new beached bronzer. Next it was along to Nando's again because we hadn't had one since last year.

After lunch we took a walk down to the beach- I had never been to Bournemouth before so it was nice to walk along the pier and have an obligatory ice-cream! I also got the chance to meet up with my old uni friend who I hadn't seen since his wedding five years previous!!! It felt like yesterday since I last saw him, it was so easy to chat and reminisce on days gone by.

Then there was time to have a look at the dotto train, spot the Isle of Wight from the beach and sit on the big deckchair for a photograph and then it was time to go and get the train and boat back to the Island.

Have you been to Bournemouth before? Let me know your thoughts!

Till next time.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

New In: Layering Lab- first thoughts!

Hello My Lovelies

When I was in Superdrug recently I spotted some new body sprays. I was really intrigued to see that they were layering and I knew I wanted to try out them out to create a new scent but also to try the fragrance on their own too.

The concept from Layering Lab really reminds me of brands such as Jo Malone that invite you to layer up there super luxurious and expensive perfumes. These seems to be an excellent budget way of trying how the layering effect without breaking the bank or before splurging on high end.

The sprays come in these beautiful scents:
  • Gourmand- Vanilla, cassis, berries.
  • Paradise: Tangerine, green tea, vanilla.
  • Floral: Rose, raspberries, musk.
  • Oriental: Spice, berries, floral.
  • Fresh: Citrus, apple, peony.
  • Cocoon: Jasmine, vanilla, musk.

After spending a bit of time smelling them all I went for oriental and cocoon. Oriental is a warm, spicy scent with red fruits, rose and vanilla. I then decided to pick up cocoon a scent made up of white flowers, white tea, vanilla and musk. I was drawn to both of these fragrances I think because of the vanilla which is one of my favourite all time scents.

After purchasing I did check out the Superdrug website and they suggested that Oriental actually be paired with floral to create 'A truly special say' or gourmand to create 'date night' and cocoon be paired with paradise to create a 'sweet escape' or floral to create 'Cosy and Romantic'. So it would seem I picked all the wrong scents to match- However I think they are all lovely and I have even layered them successfully! 

I will defiantly be buying more from the Layering Lab and maybe even trying some of Superdrug's suggestions. I also don't think I'll spend out the big bucks for other brands layering perfumes that do the same as Superdrug. Why waste money that you can spend on even more gorgeous products!

Have you tried any of these fragrances? What are your thoughts? Share them with me on my twitter @steaders83 or my Instagram wonderfulworldblog.

Till next time,


Monday, 26 March 2018

UNO- The game for all the family!

Hello My Lovelies

Over Christmas I was introduced to the game UNO. Now a lot of you reading this will be thinking you've made it to 34 and never played it and to all of you I say I KNOW!!! What were my parents doing? To those of you who were like me and never heard or played it before this post is for you!

This game is so easy to learn-I was so nervous sitting there with my boyfriend's family learning a new game (I'm rubbish at learning games) but it was so simple a child could play this- and they do my godson is 11 and can play it with his eyes shut!

The aim of the game is get rid of all your cards and not to be left with the higher number or 'special cards' like the one in the pic (the plus four). You can put down any colour or number and you change the colour to fit what you need to rid yourself of it!

It becomes all the more fun when you have a +4 or a miss a go card or my all time favourite the switch your cards with another player. It's all about making sure you use your cards at the right time but don't end up being left with them.

UNO is better when you have more than two players but I have spent quite a few winter nights recently playing just my mum and we have almost wet ourselves at me loosing every single game, me getting in a huff and then wanting to play all again!

Have you ever played UNO before? Share your thoughts with me over on twitter @steaders83 or Instagram @wonderfulworldblog.

Till next time,